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International Open Adult & Kids Skating Challenge

You'll find here all information

general rules

and specific rules

General Rules

Ice Dance

Free Skating

Artistic Skating

Synchronized Skating

Theatre On Ice

Tentative Schedule

to be notified after the 31st March 2024

closing of the entries


Here you'll find all registration forms needed to make a correct entry

Music Sheet for Rhythm Dance

Music Sheet for Free Dance

Music Sheet for Free Skating

Music Sheet for Artistic Skating

Music Sheet for Synchronized Skating

Music Sheet for TOI

PPCM Free Skating

PPCM Rhythm Dance

PPCM Free Dance


These completed forms are to be send to

together with the other documents as well as your music in mp3 format at the moment of registration and latest by closing date



is an International Figure Skating and Ice Dance open competition for adults and kids.

It is a non qualifying event for

Men, Ladies, Pairs, Duo’s

competing in 

Ice Dance (solo, couple, duo)

Free Skating (solo, pair, duo)

Shadow Skating (Teams)

Synchronized Skating (Teams)

Theater on Ice (Teams)

This competition is a non profit organization managed by volunteers

held under authorization of FFPA

(Fédération Francophone de Patinage Artistique)

Our goals are :

· to popularize and cultivate amateur/recreational figure skating

· to draw the public attention and organizations to the amateur level of figure skating

· to inform all those concerned and interested in the amateur figure skating about the possibility to

  learn and master your figure skating skills at any age and any level.

· to inform of the possibility for any figure skater to participate in these types of events

· to stimulate the interest and development of other amateur figure skating clubs

· to communicate and to know more about figure skating traditions in other countries




Antoon Coolenlaan 3

5644 RX  Eindhoven

The Netherlands

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